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SimpleSurvey: the affordable, professional
solution to collect and analyse data online

Build professional surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, polls and more. See how simple we makes things.

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End-to-End Online Survey and Research Solutions and Services

The power to create professional surveys and forms minutes

A 100% Web-based data collection and analysis software that provides you with an easy and professional way to create, deploy and manage online surveys, votes, questionnaires, petitions, forms & more.

Select the deployment channels and options best suited to your needs

SimpleSurvey provides different methods of deployment (targeted, anonymous, email, web links, QR Code, social media) and options to meet your needs (contact sychronization, password-based survey access, whitelabeling,+++).

Produce advanced reports, create graphs, filter data, export results

Generate a variety of configurable reports (summary, individual, cross-tab, raw data,...). Filter results. Publish privately or publicly Export raw data to Excel. Label for easy integration with SAS, SPSS, ...

Professional consulting services and support from start to finish

We offer a full range of services covering project management, strategy, content development, translation, design, training, programming, advanced reporting and more to assure the overall quality of your project and improve results.

A variety of clients and industry applications

SimpleSurvey, for the most demanding projects and clients.

- Desjardins, IBM, Intact Insurance, Public Works and Government Services Canada, National Public Health Institute of Quebec, Quebec Cinema, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, Translink, Transport Quebec
and many more...!

Ease-of-use and versatility make it the ideal choice for a variety of sectors.

- Marketing, Research, Healthcare, Communications, Education, Human Resources and more...

Government (Federal, Provincial/State, Municipal)

- Public and parapublic institutions and agencies, securely hosted in Canada

Healthcare experience

- Clinical research, public health and welfare, national and regional studies